Discover Chinatown Melbourne

xuminji/ October 8, 2018/ Chinatown Experience/ 0 comments

I have been pondering about Chinatowns around the world such as Chinatown Melbourne while creating the Chinatown London Experience. This work on Chinatown Melbourne is my attempt to understand Chinatown in a global context. It starts with fun facts and history about Melbourne before looking at the Chinese community and Chinatown in it. Melbourne City [First Impression] One can’t tell the

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Top Reasons to Visit China NOW!

xuminji/ September 20, 2018/ China Experience/ 0 comments

Among the many countries to travel to, why should you visit China, and why should you visit China now? How is this guide different? There are other guides from CNN, Lonely Planet, and Tripadvisor’s top China destinations. Huffington Post wrote about reasons to visit China from a European biker’s perspective. So why should you spend time reading mine? Because there

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