London Chinatown Experience

What is London Chinatown Experience?

Chinatown is a living museum as well as a vibrant community. Join an adventure for discovery, to explore Chinatown through its history, art, architecture, hidden gems, people, and food.

We open our senses to see, hear, touch and taste the cultural differences between Europe and Asia. We travel back in time to hear some real people’s stories.

There are risks to take and decisions to make. Should you farm the land in rural China, or set out on a hazardous journey to the West? We discover a community of entrepreneurs, continually renewing Chinatown up to modern times. We also explore answers to this question ‘What does family mean’?

During this two-hour experience, you will taste something savory and something sweet. The experience is designed for individuals, families or groups.

I am grateful to friends in Chinatown, British Library, Cambridge University and the Royal College of Arts, who helped me curate this experience.

How do I join the London Chinatown Experience?

We meet at the Chinatown Gate on Wardour Street every Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Saturday at 18 pm. The cost is £20 per person.

Global Chinatown Experiences

There are many Chinatowns around the world. Do they share a similar past, face the same present and where are their futures?

Book your adventures to discover Chinatown in their unique settings and cities:


North America

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